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World Sushi Day

It is sushi day on the 18th, and you know what that means… it’s time to eat some good sushi! We thought we would give you a sushi guide for where to get the best sushi while also sipping on a refreshing Chu Lo.

First up is Sushi Gourmet. Sushi Gourmet is located in many big Sainsbury’s. It is a sushi counter where they prepare and serve some of the freshest tastiest sushi you can find. Make sure to grab a Chu Lo from the sushi counter too while you're there. 

The Next sushi you can find pretty easily is YO SUSHI, the classic. I’m sure there will be a restaurant near you where you can choose from the many options of sushi that are circling you on the conveyor belt. Pick up a Lemon Sour Chu Lo while you are there to compliment the Japanese flavours.  

Another one you should definitely check out is Chi. Chi has a branch of Street Food restaurants as well as Asian Favourites restaurants, all serving up some of the most authentic Asian food and, of course, sushi! On their sushi menu they have rolls like Katsu Chicken Cali Roll, Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll, Dragon Roll and more. We recommend all of these delicious creations should be enjoyed with a Chu Lo in hand. 

If you want to check the sushi restaurants nearest to you, check out our stockist locator here . Or if you don’t fancy eating out, you can have a go at making your own sushi with the help of this blog and order some Chu Lo to enjoy with it. 

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