The Power of TikTok

The Power of TikTok

Following on from one of our previous blogs, The Art of TikTok, we want to talk about the power of cheap/free marketing. Now you have read our blog about the art of making videos, this blog will talk about the other side to TikTok- the viewers/consumers. As TikTok is a platform for all, it gives people opportunities to share their opinions on brands too.

As a small or start up business you can find some amazing opportunities in your community to promote your business- and these opportunities don't need to cost you a load of money! 

We all know Tiktok is a platform for sharing thoughts, opinions, ideas and stories- and this also applies to brands. People have opinions, and they will have opinions on your brand too. You can obviously see that not all of the time this will be positive, but they can have a huge impact on your publicity either way. 

For example, The Stanley Cup. This brand has caused a storm on Tiktok, from people making fun of how giant their cups are, to people influencing others to buy the massive cups. And this all was done from a secondary source, and not the brand itself. The community has managed to make the Stanley cup go viral, whether this was meant to happen or not it has still worked to promote the business. 

Stanley cup massive TikTok

Recently, a user on TikTok shared a video, showing how her Stanley cup survived a massive car fire. The cup was left in the centre console of the car, and the whole rest of the car was practically burnt up. When she picked up the Stanley it still had ice left in it. This video got 8.4M likes and over 83.8M views- that is crazy. Stanley then responded to the video, saying they will pay for her new car. 

Stanley cup fire

A simple 1 minute video, completing boosted Stanley sales and generated free marketing to millions of people. Now that is the power of TikTok. 

There are so many instances where the community has boosted a brand's visibility and success. Another example is the Uniqlo bag. This bag wasn’t promoted much by the brand at the start, but as the bag started to go viral Uniqlo responded to this and came out with personalisation for the bags, and new collections of the same bag. So even though the virality of the bag came from customers, it is also important how a brand then responds to this. 

Uniqlo crossbody bag tiktok

Overall, the Power of TikTok is immense for brands today. It is a confusing world now, but also a world filled with opportunities from a brand perspective and a consumer perspective. Why not share with the world your favourite brands and see how they respond?

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