How to make Tiktoks for your brand

The Art of TikTok

Our founder, Steph, attended a very interesting Tiktok event a few weeks ago. So, we wanted to share with you some inside insights. Before we start, we wanted to say a big thanks to Francesca James and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the invite! 

So, we all know how important Tiktok has become from people, communities and brands, but it is a bit of a hard one to crack. There is so many different angles you can take it, but is there a right way? And if so, what is that way to target your audience? Well, Steph has shared with us her top tips from the event. 

So first, what are you trying to say? ​​All content should be - emotional, relatable, authentic, memorable and connected to the brand. This could be through fixing a pain point, sharing in passion, ideas for use or providing nostalgia. Every video can be completely different, but you need to find what you are trying to say. This can be a challenge, but once you have got it, it will work. 

There are many different types of content that can tap into these values that people enjoy; Joy - People like to see nice things, giveaways, paying forward etc. Shock - Something to scare or surprise can do well but use with caution as it can be hard to replicate and build an audience. Trigger - Content that challenges views and sparks debate, think Andrew Tate or Katie Hopkins. Informational - Add value to a topic by being informative or interesting. Decide which type of content you want to portray, and then go all out. 

Sometimes you can forget the importance of structuring you videos and why people like watching Tiktoks in the first place. So it is really important to structure your posts each time, even when the topics are different. There should be a hook - Attention grabber in 1-2 seconds, then the value - The meat of the post, and finally a Call To Action (CTA) - The MOST forgotten about part! What do you want people to do - hint - Make it really obvious.

People have terrible attention spans nowadays, if you have made it this far we're impressed. That's why short form videos are the way to go with Tiktok, even if you are making longer videos, it still needs to feel snapping and straight to the point. You can try a mix of these at the beginning, until you find your sweet spot;  Short - Ah Ha surprise (less than 30 seconds), Medium - Present a quick solution to a problem (1 - 2 minutes), Long - Story journey (2 minutes +). Even with short videos, people still lose interest, so here's a few extra pointers to keep your audience's attention:

  • Movement - Walk towards the camera - switch up angles etc.
  • Music - Sound FX and background music
  • Transitions - Hard to do but when done right they are dynamite - actually when done badly they are good too. Got to love a trier.
  • Emojis - Tiktok has loads of graphic elements and emojis.
  • Text - Text at the start to tell people what the video is about, or at the end for the call to action!

That's about it, not too hard is it?! We are still learning, and there's always going to be new and exciting ways to market your brand/products, but it doesn't hurt to give it a go. Final advice from Steph and the Tik Tok event: 

Just make the content. Let it be bad. Get over cringe mountain.

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