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White Day and Valentine's Day in Japan

Ever heard of White Day? Let us give you the "Lo" down on how it's celebrated in Japan! In Japan, only women are expected to give gifts on Valentine's Day. Think Japanese men are getting off lightly?

Don't worry, that's what White Day is for! It's a reply day to Valentine's Day where men's gifts are expected to be both white and more expensive than the ones women gave on Valentine's!

At first, this seems like a fun tradition, and it can be! However, it's declining in popularity as the obligation to spend a lot of money on giving gifts can be unpleasant.


When are Valentine's Day and White Day in Japan?

Valentine's Day is one the same day that is it everywhere else, the 14th of February (try not to forget this year!). And White Day is on the 14th of March, exactly one month later!


Japanese Valentine's Day Customs

On Valentine's Day women can't just give any old give to the men in their lives, it has to be chocolate!

And Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers, women are expected to give out chocolate to many of the men in their lives, including family members and co-workers!


Japanese White Day Customs

As the name suggests, on this day, men have to give white gifts! So, continuing the theme of sweet treats, it's popular to give marshmallows.

However, the issue with marshmallows is that they tend to be cheaper than chocolate, so are not well received by women!

Because of this, men now give a range of white gifts from white flowers to jewellery with white pearls!

Do you think we should bring White Day to the UK, or is Valentine's stressful enough?

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