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Chu Lo 2022 Learnings

It's been quite a year for us here at Chu Lo, with a ton of ups, but of course that comes with the downs alongside them. So today we’re going to take a Can-did look at some of the things that didn’t quite go our way this year! Followed by a recap of all the awesome wins we had in next week's blog!

Gordon Ramsay Investment

If you can remember that far back, we started this year with the awesome Future Food Stars TV show, where Steph took part in week's of challenges set by Gordon Ramsey against some fierce competition! Fighting week in and week out, smashing almost every task and never finding herself in the bottom two grilling all the way until the finals. However, it wasn’t the miracle run that many people, including us, thought it would be as Steph lost out in the final episode, coming second place, and narrowly missing out on that sweet sweet Gordon Ramsay Investment.

Flavour that didn’t work

A little more recent bit of reminiscing now as we look back to the summer where we unveiled our two latest flavours at the awesome Hyper Japan! Launching Tropical Fruit Sour and Orange Sour to great effect at the event we were very optimistic. However, things weren’t quite meant to be for one of them, with Orange very quickly finding its way at the back of the flavour race. Unable to find itself a niche within our community it has since been cut from the roster. But not to worry, we’re committed to always bringing you the best of the best, so we won’t stop till we find your next favourite flavour.

Hot summer's exploding cans

Now, some of you may remember this a little more personally than others, but another downside of the summer was the exploding can epidemic! With the hot weather and some hiccups in manufacturing we found ourselves dealing with annoyed customers, bad reviews and a few refunds as these annoying cans took the shine off our summer! But in the end, it's safe to say we won that battle and, with our new printed cans, we’re hoping that our Sayonara to exploding cans will last.

Sales Team Changes

This one hit us hard this year as we lost one of the vital parts of our team in Amy, our super star sales woman who a lot of you may have to thank for bringing you your new favourite drink. But we couldn’t blame her as she received an offer from a brand she had worked for previously, surrounded by friends and with a dream title. It was a departure we wholeheartedly supported and we just can’t wait to see what she will do there, as long as she comes back to see us once in a while ;)

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