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Tropical Sour!! Flavour Profile

A new flavour has just landed! Tropical Fruit Sour just in time for summer. Imagine you're on a tropical beach, with the waves crashing down beside you- that's the feeling we wanted to create when sipping on a tropical sour. And, in our opinion we have done just that. 

What Does Tropical Sour Taste Like?

Tropical Sour is made with 17.7% fruit juice and has flavours of fresh pineapple, passionfruit and starfruit inspired by the Japanese fruits of Okinawa. It of course has the punchy sour fizz, like all the Chu Lo range.  The new flavour is low sugar, vegan-friendly, gluten free, aspartame free, and has no alcohol! Making sure the drink is “sour enough” is also a big focus for us. We wanted to make sure that Tropical Sour isn't just a tropical soda, but a uniquely sour and premium soft drink

A New Aesthetic 

The Tropical Sour can is our most fun yet! It contains giant pineapple, passionfruit and starfruit characters in the heart of the city of Toyko. Like all of our cans, the design is inspired by the Japanese manga art style. 

Where Can I Get it?

You can get Tropical Sour direct from our website, here. We have packs of 24 available, or you can grab the Summer Mix selection that includes Tropical, Lemon, Apple and Cherry all in a case of 12. 

Love the new flavour? Let us know what you think and which flavours you'd like to see in future by messaging us on Instagram or Tiktok. 

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