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Top League produces World Cup Special Edition Chu Lo

To celebrate this year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan, Top League Creative has released its concept artwork for a Special Edition flavour of Japanese inspired soft drink Chu-Lo.

Cherry Chu Lo concept

Early every year, the floral splendour of pink blossom adorning Sakura cherry trees across the country is something to behold. It’s a natural spectacle which not only draws tourists from all over the world but also inspired the nickname of the country’s national rugby team, the Brave Blossoms. What better flavour for the occasion than a tantalising Cherry Sour?

“For this Chu-Lo Rugby World Cup Special Edition, we wanted to focus on all the elements which are sure to make this tournament one to remember; Passion, excitement, action and, of course, Japanese enthusiasm and culture,” explained our expert designer Charles Wythe.

“We wanted to feature a rugby player on the canvas to reflect the humanity of the game.

“Deciding on one player to single out for featuring was already causing controversy within our creative team, so we opted for a less limiting approach and a face with a broader national association.”

Toshiro Mifune. Mifune featured in over 150 films, sixteen of which were a collaboration with legendary and influential director Akira Kurosawa, featuring in the world-famous 1954 film Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai).

An iconic still of Mifune’s character in Seven Samurai was chosen for the identity of the player, improving too the chances of his being recognised and associated with something characteristically Japanese.

The next stage was to decide the artistic medium in which to render the figure.

Utilising the traditional monochrome ink-style of Suiboku-ga – india ink on absorbent white paper (washi) – the creative team employed a splattering technique to visually depict the explosive energy and action that comes with rugby at top level.

You can buy Chu Lo Cherry through our store!

Chu Lo is proud to present the Chu-Lo Sour Cherry Japanese Rugby World Cup Special Edition package design. 

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