Apprentice 2023

The Apprentice this Year

This year's apprentice has been a rollercoaster already. If you are keeping up with it, you will know about all the very interesting challenges and outcomes the contestants have been doing. From “do you know what an onomatopoeia is” to Zif Zaf logos… it's been a wild one. 

We thought we would run through some of the contestants and their brands so you can get prepared for the finale! In particular the food and drink contestants…

Club Candy- Megan Horby

The menu is loaded with burgers, fries and of course lots of sweets and candy as well as some tasty cocktails. With the cutest interior, offering good vibes. This is located in Hull, if you’re there why not check it out?

The Sweet Life- Victoria Goulbourne

Another sweet shop business! But this one is an online business taking place on Instagram. Victoria launched it during covid and it gained over 10K followers in a very short time. Why not order from Sweet Life if you live in Liverpool, to see if it's worth the hype. 

That’s it for all the food and drink businesses this year, so not many, but keep an eye on the other contestants as well. There’s definitely going to be some more funny episodes, so keep watching!

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