How is Gaming Becoming Accessible to Everyone, with Special Effect?

How is Gaming Becoming Accessible to Everyone, with Special Effect?

Special Effect, the jewel in the gaming crown as far as many are concerned. Special Effect is a gaming charity that makes gaming accessible to everyone regardless of ability, through intelligent and diligent innovations in technology and the way that games can be played.

From creating new types of controllers that can allow handicapped gamers to play their favourite games, to innovations like Eye Gaze Games and EyeMine which allow people with complex disabilities to use eye movement to play games, including their big breakthrough EyeMine which allows the massively popular game Minecraft to be played with just a persons eyes.

Not only does Special Effect create these amazing new ways to play video games and then help get them to people who need them, but they also share everything they learn freely online on, so go check it out if you want to find out more. 

Whilst they are an amazing charity that works year round and you are able to donate any time, February is a special month for them. It is when they host there Game Blast, an event that encourages anyone and everyone to take part in spreading awareness and raising money for people who can benefit from Special Effects.This mainly revolves around Twitch.TV streams, hundreds, if not thousands of people stream using a unique Game Blast stream package of graphics to support the charity, from individuals like you and me, to huge companies like Jagex, GAME, SEGA and a whole host of esports teams, influencers and studios. 

We’re so proud to be sponsoring this 10 year anniversary of Game Blasts by working in conjunction with Special Effect to make a line of limited edition Special Effect x Chu Lo cans to celebrate this occasion!

More information about how you can earn yourself one of these cans will be announced on our social media soon, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. We can’t wait to see how you all contribute and take part in this brilliant cause!

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