Uk Soft Drinks Conference

Soft Drinks Conference... which brands were the best?

The UK soft drinks conference took place last week, and we wanted to share with you some highlights from the event, as well as some up and coming businesses that are worth a watch. Chu Lo got entered for Best In Can and reached the final! Chu Lo was judged one of the five best designed soft drink cans IN THE WORLD! 

At the end of the event they had the New Entrepreneurs section, and we are going to share with you some of our favourites. 

First is Headstand, this one really stood out to us for its fun, quirky branding and packaging. Headstand is a coffee leaf Seltzer that includes ingredients that help boost your immune system, chill out and help you focus. Founded by Josh Tarlo, he spent the better part of a decade travelling to coffee farms across Latin America and Africa and over the years he watched how climate change was making coffee production harder. That's where his idea came from to use the leaves from the coffee tree to create a tea-like flavour that has lots of benefits. Be sure to check out Headstand and have a look at their Stockists so you can get your hands on one. 

Next is Smart Soda. This one uses some great innovation to change the way drinks are dispensed. Smart Soda offers progressive organisations across the UK an exciting range of healthier, tasty, functional drinks via the most innovative, post-mix delivery equipment available from around the world. It allows the user to choose their flavour and then their function, like immunity, relaxation and energy. Check out Smart Soda to find out more about this exciting innovation. 

And last of all, Fix8. who make delicious probiotic drinks to make you feel good from the inside out. With a lovely vibrant visual identity of Kombuchas, Fix8 looks after your gut health super well! Founded by Freya, Fix8 started after she developed a kombucha obsession at university, she quickly eschewed a career in the city and turned her parents' London flat into a kombucha microbrewery. These are worth a try if you're looking for a tasty probiotic option!

And that’s all! It was such a pleasure to see the new up and coming Entrepreneurs that are taking the industry by storm. 

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