Shipping to the USA!

Shipping to the USA!

We have some U..S..Amazing news for you!

We’re finally shipping outside of the UK to the USA.  The USA is our first destination for worldwide shipping and we just can’t wait to hear our US fans' reactions.

But how did this all come to be?

Well, it's all off the back of a brilliant chain in the US called FYE which stands for “For Your Entertainment” approaching us to stock their stores! Now… whilst some of us Brits may not recognise the name we definitely know the awesome company HMV, that owns them, HMV being a huge brand here in the UK that we very proudly stock in.

HMV bought out FYE in 2020 revitalising the brand all across the US with around 250 stores all of which we will be stocking Chu Lo in, hopefully around the end of December to early January. It's a massive step for us and really opened our eyes to the demand for Chu Lo internationally.
This is the first time that we have exported outside of the UK, so it has been a bit of a learning curve due to all the new processes and requirements that differ from what we are used to, like inquiring and organising international export, working through the process of getting FDA approval to import the products, and don’t get us started on the new ingredient stickers we had to create and get onto each and every can. But when we send out two full lines of refreshing Chu Lo onto those boats in the next 10 days or so and see them in the new stores, it will certainly be worth it!

The other exciting part of this whole endeavour is that once the FYE stores are up and running it will open us up to stocking even more stores in the US and beyond! So watch out world, because we’re about the sweep the nation with a #SourUp 

What about if I want Chu Lo right now?

For now, if you’re in the US you’ll have to wait a little longer for the drinks to get over there, but for us lucky Brits, you can get yourself your favourite flavours right now from the button below. With free shipping over £20 and next day delivery, you're just a few clicks away from a tasty week for sure!
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