Bone Daddies, ramen

Bone Daddies x Chu Lo


Bone Daddies! You heard it. If you don’t know what Bone Daddies is, it is a Japanese Restaurant and Ramen Bar based in London. Their traditional dishes include hot homemade broth, fit noodles and fried chicken as well as serving up some unique twists on Japanese classics. 

They currently have locations in Victoria, Soho, Richmond, Old Street, High St Kensington, Bond Street and Bermondsey.


You Chu Lo fans are going to be buzzing with this news, just as much as us. We are doing a collab with Bone Daddies and we’re going to be launching some of our products to their restaurants. With some exclusive menu offerings inspired by the Chu Lo flavours, as well as the classic Chu Lo’s. We have helped create these menus with Bone Daddies to ensure they align with the Chu Lo flavours, and so we know you guys will love them. You can’t miss this one. Head down to Bone Daddies to try their Chu Lo x Bone Daddies menu, and of course accompany it with a Chu Lo Sour.

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