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Reformulating Chu Lo for the USA

You guys might have seen that we are now stocked in the USA in the FYE stores, which is the equivalent of HMV here in the UK. This has been an exciting transition for Chu Lo, and we have had to make some changes that we thought are worth sharing with you, as well as the reasons behind this.


We currently use a natural colour flavouring called safflower in our tropical sour for the UK market. To transition into the US market, we are still using a natural flavouring but it is approved by the FDA. This makes the colour slightly more yellow and a bit brighter. The same is also done for our peach sour flavour, making it a bit of a lighter orange colour to the original.


Since the changes are very slight, we have managed to get Chu Lo for the US to taste exactly the same, which is what we want as of course we don’t want to be selling a different tasting product when we already love the taste of Chu Lo. 

So, overall, it has been a great experience learning about the differences for different markets and we have definitely learnt a lot. We know the differences are very small, which is great, but it is also really interesting to see what chances. 

If you guys want to grab a tropical or peach sour to taste the natural flavourings head to our shop here. If you want to know more about it check out our Tiktok account where our founder, Steph, talks about the process more.

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