quick... BONE DADDIES x Chu Lo

quick... BONE DADDIES x Chu Lo

That's right… We have a very exciting collab that was released today! We have worked with our friends, the ultimate ramen makers before, Bone Daddies, but we are here for round two. This one is even more exciting, with a release of a limited edition flavour and can design to accompany a great new ramen special. 

If you don’t know what Bone Daddies is, it is a Japanese Restaurant and Ramen Bar based in London. Their traditional dishes include hot homemade broth, fit noodles and fried chicken as well as serving up some unique twists on Japanese classics. They currently have locations in Victoria, Soho, Richmond, Old Street, High St Kensington, Bond Street and Bermondsey.

So, this collaboration has been crafted to offer the best taste explosion, combining all the exquisite Japanese flavours. The new Chu Lo drink flavour that has been created is Yuzu Sour. Yuzu taste can be described as a mix between a tangy lemon, bitter grapefruit and sweet orange, which is a great accompaniment with spicy and salty flavours from the Bone Daddies ramen. The limited edition flavour is presented on an epic new can design, combining all the great elements from the Bone Daddies marketing. Be quick though, as only 3000 cans have been made, so make sure to get to a Bone Daddies to experience this great flavour. 

Chu Lo Bone Daddies Ramen

As for the ramen, the new special is Katsu Curry Mazemen. A winter Katsu classic; Bone Daddies homemade curry sauce, extra crispy katsu chicken, pickled daikon, spring onion, chunky noodles. This yummy ramen, pairs perfectly with the new Yuzu sour flavour- so be sure to taste both!

This limited edition collab is only here until 30 November, so make sure to get down there quick… check out Bone Daddies here to see what other treats you can get whilst your there.
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