NQ64 takes Manchester retro gaming to another level

NQ64 takes Manchester retro gaming to another level

The brand new Manchester NQ64 arcade gaming bar officially opened yesterday – Wednesday 2nd August – and the Chu Lo team were invited to attend the fanfare launch.

NQ64 is, of course, the city centre’s premier retro gaming haunt. It’s located in the trendy Northern Quarter and represents a mecca for retro gamers and general fun seekers since 2019 featuring arcade cabinets and classic video games from the golden age of gaming. And it just got better!

The new location is situated directly next door to the previous venue. It’s approximately four times the floor space (that’s a guess!) and along with the NQ64 classics we all know and love, are a host of new games, cabinets, entertainment alcoves, nooks and crannies to explore and plenty of chill out spots for socialising with pals and enjoying the venue’s exclusive cocktails.

While enjoying Chu Lo-infused Kong Island Ice Teas, the Chu Lo team compiled a shortlist of our five current favourite NQ64 games. If you haven’t already, be sure to check ‘em out: 

5/ NBA Jam

Way back in ’93 (last century!!) basketball game took the arcades by storm with its simultaneous four player action, photorealistic digitised graphics and outragous slam dunks. There are also  hidden characters to unlock and a raft of cheats to discover.

4/ Pacman four player table top

Along with a handful of other super-famous characters, Pacman played a role in catapulting computer games to their unrivalled position as a pop culture phenomenon. The pill-popping, ghost-munching cheese wedge is back in this later version and he’s been considerate in making space around the table for three mates, which means four players can now face off in this extraordinary Pacman extravaganza.

3/ Time Crisis 3

Time Crisis 2 was a favourite of ours at the previous location. Don’t worry, it’s still there, but NQ64 have now upped the anti with Time Crisis 3! There’s even more frantic foot-pedal action, bigger and badder enemies and a greater arsenal of formidable fire power to even the odds. Have your tokens ready stacked for the quick draw!

2/ Hoop Shot

Shooting hoops again – this time in real world! These two basketball galleries have their own corner in NQ64. They’re an enjoyable break from joystick-twiddling and button-bashing and are likely to draw a crowd.

1/ Mario Kart Arcade 2

Mario Kart. Arcade. Four player action. Amazing fun! Is there anything more to say?

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