Sushi Gourmet, New Stockist

Chu Lo meets Gourmet Stockists

We are so excited to announce that we are launching into Sushi Gourmet and Mai Sushi. Sushi Gourmet is situated in many big Sainsbury's across the country, and Mai Sushi is located in large M&S stores. 

This is such an exciting opportunity for us, and we are looking forward to spreading into larger stores across the UK, so all you Chu Lo lovers can have access to Chu Lo even easier. 

Sushi Gourmet and Mai Sushi prides themself on freshly made, high quality, great tasting sushi. And from our experience it does this justice. So along with your yummy sushi you can drink a refreshing Chu Lo sour. 

Check out our Stockist Locator on our website to find out where your nearest Sushi Gourmet or Mai Sushi is, and get your hands on a Chu Lo.
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