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New Flavour Lo-Down: Chu Lo Cherry Sour

Cherry Sour is the newest addition to our premium range of Japanese-inspired sour soft drinks!

We released it just in time for cherry blossom season in Japan, after teasing a new flavour for some time.

So, we hope you love it just as much as we do! Chu Lo Drinks began with a trio of flavours (Lemon Sour, Apple Sour, and Peach Sour) back in 2019 when the company started.

Now, in 2022, comes the first addition to these three flavours. What’s more, it’s one of three seasonal new product developments being released this year!

Cherry Sour took six months to develop, and at the moment it’s limited edition. But! If it’s popular, it’ll become part of the main collection!


What Does Cherry Sour Taste Like?

Cherry Sour is made with 17.7% fruit juice and has a complex, dark cherry taste with the familiar sour fizz kick of all Chu Lo flavours.

It was an immediate favourite in taste tests, and, as always, Chu Lo Drinks’ new flavour is low sugar, vegan-friendly, gluten free, aspartame free, and has no alcohol! In fact, Cherry Sour has less than 70 calories per can.

Making sure the drink is “sour enough” is also a big focus for us. We wanted to make sure that Cherry Sour isn't just a cherry soda, but a uniquely sour and premium soft drink.

“Cherry Sour has a complicated flavour, and for a non-alcoholic drink," stated Chu Lo founder Steph Buttery. "It really gives a fun experience.”


A New Aesthetic

The design for Cherry Sour is noticeably busier and darker than the designs of previous cans, but this isn’t by accident.

Cherry Sour is inspired by “dark mode” which is an option available on many social media platforms, websites, and search engines; it changes the appearance of the screen display from light to dark colours.

It’s an aesthetic commonly adopted by gamers in their gaming set-ups, which are similarly busy and personalised.

“We want to pitch more towards the gaming culture," explains Steph.

"If you look at people that use dark mode on a laptop or PC, the cans are a similar aesthetic; they’re basically in dark mode.

"It’s really on trend and it appeals directly to our audience.”

Despite the increased focus on gaming and gaming aesthetics, we also wanted to bring the design back to Chu Lo Drinks’ Japanese influence with a manga-inspired art style.


Influences Behind Cherry Sour

The goal is also for Chu Lo to be customisable.

Chu Lo, being a fruity, sour soft drink, is “customisable” to the wants of the community that loves it.

“Because we’re a community-led start up, it’s really easy to kind of canvas the community and get a real, honest answer,” said Chu Lo founder Steph Buttery.

Our drinks are based on the flavours founder Steph Buttery tried out in Japan, as well as market research.

For some primary research, we will reach out to people on social media and ask them what they want to see in flavours, what they want to see next, etc., to get some honest and useful feedback.

We also look at feedback from customers and feedback we get during events we’re involved in.

Additionally, we look into how the market is going. If there’s any kind of regulation coming in, we’ll look at that with our flavours as well, to make sure they’re compliant and available to everybody.

A big factor for us is making sure our drinks are suitable for everyone.

Our aim is to sharply appeal to the senses with striking visuals and taste-bud-bending flavour, all while keeping dietary and environmental concerns in mind.

Chu Lo is packaged into cans as aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Chu Lo is also designed and made in the UK, with Chu Lo Drinks based in Manchester, making Cherry Sour a great alternative to imported American cherry sodas.


Where Can I Get it?

You can get Cherry Sour direct from our website! We also have a range of amazing stockists which you can find on our home page, but they may not all stock Cherry Sour just yet.

Shop Cherry Sour Love the new flavour? Let us know what you think and which flavours you'd like to see in future by leaving a reply!

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