Refreshing drink brands to watch...

Refreshing drink brands to watch...

We wanted to share with you a few drinks that caught our eye at Imbibe Live. Since Imbibe launched in 2010, it's the one and only event that focuses on the entire world of drinks. From wines, beers and spirits to soft drinks, RTD's, mixers, tea, coffee, no-and-low abv drinks, waters and other associated products. It is an interactive event for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks, helping discovery of new brands and innovative tastes.

We went along this year to check out what's new in the drinks world and have a look at any up and coming brands that are worth talking about! 


Akashi Sake Brewing - 135 EAST Hyogo Dry Gin

A bi-cultural interweaving of Japanese and London Dry Gin botanicals, with an artisanal splash of sake distillate. A powerful floral aroma, citrus scents, a silky, balanced mouthfeel, and a peppery finish.

Pair with Lemon Chu Lo in a chilled glass.

The Wasabi Company - Wasabi Vodka 

Buttery at the start, followed by heat from the wasabi, then earthy notes to close, and a mild bitterness on the finish. Wasabi is freshly grown from their Dorset and Hampshire farms. 

Pair with Tropical Fruit Chu Lo over ice.

Sake Sling- Yuzu & Melon Sparkling Sake 

Traditional Japanese Flavours. The honeyed notes of the musk melon, a revered fruit in Japan, offers the perfect complement to the fruity and floral notes of premium Daimon sake used in our Yuzu & Melon Sake Sling.

Pair with a splash of Apple Chu Lo and a squeeze of lemon.

Holon Gin- Original

Homemade craft gin with a touch of Japanese scenery. Ancient oriental herbs and spices create harmony between mind and body. Like a meditation moment with sake.

Pair with Cherry Chu Lo or enjoy on the rocks.

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