Founder and Owner Steph Buttery at Factory with Chu Lo

Making Chu Lo in the UK

This is the complete Lo-down on how Chu Lo is made in the UK.

Being a premium drink, it's easy to ensure great quality when we can keep an eye on production.

From designing to canning, it's all done in the UK. So, we thought we'd tell you more about it!

Where in the UK?

Chu Lo Drinks is based in Manchester, the factory is the North West of England, and canning is done in the Midlands.

Chu Lo is currently distributed across the UK, the US, parts of the EU, and Kuwait. You can find the trade section of our website by clicking the button below! Trade and Wholesale

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Designing in the UK

Designing the cans is a collaboration between founder and owner Steph Buttery and free lance creatives. 

Together, they create uniquely illustrated cans that are Japanese-inspired, just like the drinks themselves! Learn more by reading Chu Lo's story.

The Chu Lo Story also have connections in Japan who he consults when it comes to designs, and Steph consults the Embassy of Japan in the UK to ensure the designs are respectful of Japanese culture; they have always received positive feedback.

Sustainable Materials

We love cans - all our taste-bud-bending flavours can be found in aluminium cans.

Although they are currently wrapped, we soon be using printed cans.

These will be 100% recyclable and super sustainable as aluminium cans can be recycled infinitely.

We also utilise minimal packaging since there's no need for extras like tissue paper.

As a start up, it seems wasteful and expensive to add unnecessary packaging that will end up in the bin.

We're confident that our uniquely illustrated cans speak for themselves!

The only time we have extras and fancier packaging is for influencers, which are packed and delivered by an external agency.


If you order from us, your sour soft drinks will be delivered in minimal cardboard packaging. Through, we are having a box design refresh soon!

Order Now


We have many amazing stockists, but we still have a big emphasis on selling direct to consumer.

Since when you order from our website, we can directly ensure the best quality and service for our customers.

Want to know anything else? Leave a reply or send us an email at - we'd love to answer any questions you have!

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