Lunch! Trade Show

Lunch! Trade Show

We were at lunch! the show-to-go this year where we saw some great exhibitors and other brands showing off their food and drink talent. On the 27th and 28th September we attended the lunch! show, so we thought we would share with you some of our favourite brands that caught our eye… 

We thought we would share with you some smaller brands that are worth recognising, startups supporting startups. Its also great to see new innovation that hasn't yet been seen. 

First up is Juno Drinks, producing sparking bamboo water!! Who would have thought. Elevate your well-being with Juno Bamboo Water and experience the collagen-boosting and detoxifying wonders of bamboo in every sip.Packed with antioxidants and essential minerals, bamboo has been treasured for centuries as a holistic remedy to heal the body, calm the mind, and ward off oxidative stress. While we were at the lunch show, we tasted Juno, and it tastes tangy, but creamy and we loved it, not to mention the amazing benefits for your body. 

Check them out here, to try it for yourself. 

Next we tried Gunna- better made lemonade. Gunna crafts their drinks using real lemons. Each recipe is inspired by a famously delicious soft drink made behind a bar, where sweet, sour and bitter are expertly balanced to deliver a complex yet refreshing burst of flavour. They now have added healthy immune boosting vitamins and minerals. They have a range of flavours of lemonade, including; raspberry, tropical, twisted, lime and ginger. 

They are definitely worth a try, so visit their website to stock up. 

Finally, we have NOOX, nootropics and vitamins. NOOX products are a level up from other extreme energy-type drinks as they are healthy, packed with vitamins and minerals and designed to help people cope with the toll these times are taking on us. The benefits include; sharpened memory, reduced stress, less fatigue, metal clarity. 

You can shop their relive flavour, which is Raspberry and Lemonade here.

And that's all! As you can see there's so many drinks that can benefit your body loads, but also taste great. If you're looking for anxiety release, why not try a chu lo, or find out more in our previous blog.
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