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There are some fantastic creatives with amazing projects that they are eager to put out to the world and Kickstarter provides the opportunity to make these ideas a reality.

That's why we're very excited to announce that Chu Lo are launching our very own Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks – be sure to follow all our social media to ensure you don't miss a thing! By backing Chu Lo on Kickstarter you'll have access to exclusive merch and deals and be the first to discover all the very latest amazing Chu Lo news first… sounds intriguing 

In the meantime, we thought we'd whet your appetite by sharing with you some other great Kickstarters that landed on our radar. 

First up, are some Tamagotchi inspired school bags. Intriguing, I'm sure you'll agree. Currently with 285 backers, they're on the Kickstarter's ‘projects we love’ list. They're handmade, super cute, and come with a compartment in the front to display your favourite tama! While described as school bags, they'll clearly lend themselves to use in other occasions. Check it out here

Next up is GRUB, a street food market located in Manchester. Chu Lo HQ is based in Manchester, so this project is particularly exciting for us. GRUB wants to expand its area to offer its space to charities, upcoming and budding creatives and, of course, street food vendors. It's a great cause, so support is important. Check out the link to pledge your support for GRUB

Finally, our friends at Steamforged Games Ltd are helping us launch our Chu Lo Kickstarter campaign. Your support for their projects help Chu Lo too, so we'd encourage you to check out their amazing game projects. We especially like their ‘Resident Evil - The Board Game’ campaign, that has over 9000 backers! 

Kickstarter allows creatives to really push their ideas into the real world, and we are thrilled to be a part of this. Make sure you hit the notify me button on our Kickstarter page to be reminded when our campaign launches. 

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