Golden Week Japan

Japan's Golden Week

It's Japan’s Golden Week this week, known as Ōgon Shūkan. Golden week is a collection of 4 national holidays, starting on 29th April and lasting for a week. 

The first of the national holidays is called Showa No Hi, on the 29th. This is to celebrate the birthday of the late Emperor Showa, who ruled Japan during World War II. 

May 3rd is Constitution Day, to celebrate the ratification of the Japanese constitution in 1947. 

Green day then takes place on 4th May. This is to celebrate the environment and the beautiful nature, flowers and plants that Japan has to offer. 

May 5th is Kodomo No Hi, meaning Children's Day. It more specifically is designed to honour young men or boys, and wish success and strength in their life. 

What to expect if you are visiting Japan During this time? 

If you are visiting Japan for Golden Week, you are certainly not going to get bored. There are many outdoor festivals where you will often see carp streamers and confetti hanging around the cities, transforming the spaces into colourful, bright areas.

Keep in mind that it will be extra busy in Japan around this time of year, so make sure to book accommodation and transport in advance. It is also recommended to visit Tokyo during this time, as it is usually a bit quieter due to locals leaving the bigger cities for the holiday period. 

All in all, if you get the opportunity to visit Japan during this time, make the most of it! It is one of the most special times to visit Japan, and you won't be disappointed.

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