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Japanese Movies We Love to get Through January

The Christmas season has come to an end, and you are probably feeling worn out, and feeling like you have over done it. You may even be trying to tackle Dry January as well. 

To help you through it, we have a few Japanese films that will be sure to make you feel comforted and relaxed, while you tackle the January blues. 


First up is Ponyo, this ones a bit of an anime classic. It will definitely make you feel cosy and reminiscent. Ponyo was released in 2008 and was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It follows the adventures of a young fish named Ponyo who wants to become a human.

Seven Samurai

Released in 1954 and directed by Akira Kurosawa, this film follows the story of a village that hires seven samurai to defend them against bandits.

Spirited Away

This ones very popular, so if you haven't watched it, it's definitely worth it. This animated film follows the story of a young girl who becomes trapped in a magical world and must find a way to return home, released in 2001.

Your Name

Also an animated film made in 2016, it follows the story of a high school boy and girl who magically switch bodies and must find a way to switch back before it's too late.

Here are just a few suggestions that are definitely worth a watch, and are sure to make you feel cosy with a Chu Lo drink in hand this January. To grab your drink visit https://chu-lo.com/collections/crate 

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