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Innovation in the Drinks World

Today's drinks landscape is constantly changing, and we are seeing new innovative ideas all the time- where you just want to say- ‘why didn't I think of that?!’ It's an exciting time for the industry right now and we want to celebrate that. So, we thought we would share with you some things that have been on our radar. 

So first up…. A sauce inspired by a drink?!! You might be thinking this doesn't sound good, but when it's done right it can work. Flying Goose Sriracha has teamed up with Ballantines Whisky to create a whisky condiment. This idea came from the rapper RZA who has pushed the boundaries of innovation this year, and this is definitely another thing to add to it. Although alcohol free, the mouth tingling new product takes flavour cues from Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel, a blended scotch whisky aged for a minimum of seven years. This sriracha is GREAT with ramen, and even in drinks. It adds that rich umami taste, elevating the dish to the next level. We love a collaboration, and we think Ballantine’s x Flying Goose is such an interesting idea that allows the consumers to customise their food.  

Next we want to look at a new venture from our friends at Seedlip. Ben Branson, founder, has launched Pollen Projects, a venture studio dedicated to creating non-alcoholic drinks. Pollen Projects had been created with the aim of building “a second wave of brands and products that are premium, disruptive, relevant and meaningful to today and tomorrow’s drinker”. Just like the sriracha, these new products add to the experience of drinking. 

The first brand we will see from Pollen Projects in Seasn. A duo of 0.0% abv cocktail bitters in ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ variants, it's almost like salt and pepper! It will give customers the freedom of understanding how bitters works in drinks and allow them to play with this idea. “We understand how to season our food and we understand the benefit it brings. I want to introduce people seasoning their drinks, and not [for it to] be the bartender’s secret.”

Although very exciting, it's all very new territory for everyone in the industry and no one really knows what's going to work.. But why not give it a go, from a customer and a brand perspective, it's always exciting to try new things and see if you like it! For all we know, everyone could be seasoning their sodas in a few years!?

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