Hyper Japan 2023

Hyper Japan, What to See...

Hyper Japan Festival 2023 is here! If you don’t know what Hyper Japan is, then this blog will give you an insight as to what to expect if you are going for the first time, or if not convince you to check it out. 

Hyper Japan Festival happens every year, and at Chu Lo we are proud supporters of this festival. We are lucky enough to have exhibited these past few years, and we will be there again this year, so come and say hello and try a Chu Lo! 

Hyper Japan will take place from the 21st- 23rd July, and will be on Hammersmith Road at the OLYMPIA Centre in London. The OLYMPIA Centre is a great space to showcase some of the best Japanese brands out there- from amazing Japanese food to Anime. Throughout the three days there are different workshops you can take part in, like Japanese Calligraphy, Cocktail Making and Manga Drawings. There will also be a massive range of market stall style exhibitors, and while that is going on live performers can be watched. 

There are a few exhibitors that at Chu Lo we are fans of, so we thought we would share these with you so you don’t miss out! First is Peko Peko. Peko Peko is a Japanese Street Food Kitchen offering some of the most authentic Japanese food. Next is matcha specialists Matchado, they create tasty sweet treats and drinks all containing matcha. Last but not least is Oishī Don, Japanese donburi street food specialists, this one is a must try! 

Of course there are still tonnes more exhibitors to check out, and even more that haven’t been announced yet, so keep an eye out. Be sure to come and say hello to the Chu Lo stall if you’re down there too! In the meantime, use the code FREE to order yourself some Chu Lo sours with free shipping on orders over £20. 

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