Great British Entrepreneur Awards

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are coming up and we are pleased to announce. Steph, our amazing founder has been nominated! The Awards state that ‘for the past decade we've been celebrating and championing incredible entrepreneurial stories’. Steph has been nominated in North West England for Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year and Maker & Creator of the Year. 

We thought we would shine some light on some other great Entrepreneurs that have also been shortlisted for the awards this year; 

First up is Jac Chetland and Kit Gammell from Surreal.They have been shortlisted for Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year. Surreal is a high-protein, zero sugar, keto-friendly gluten-free, and plant-based cereal, and it tasted great (we've tried it!). Their cereal os pretty Surreal so give it a try here 


Quarter has been nominated for Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year for London. Fabian Clark is the founder. It is the first light spirits brand, with a quarter of the amount of alcohol content if you're going for a lighter night! They have Gin, Tequila and a few cocktail options. Check them out here


Marisa Poster and Teddie Levenfiche from Perfect Ted have been nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Perfect Ted. Perfect Ted creates great Matcha that has the same amount of caffeine as a small coffee/typical energy drink but doesn’t cause jitters, crashes or anxiety. Shop their matcha powder and drinks here


We always think it's great to support other Entrepreneurs and small businesses, and an event like this is the perfect opportunity. Check out the GB Awards website where you can see the full list of nominees. 

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