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Gordon Ramsay's Lucky Cat Comes to Manchester

Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay… it’s opening in Manchester. Lucky Cat is a Japanese high end restaurant with Asian-inspired cuisine. From wasabi wagyu steak, pork gyoza to fish sashimi, their menu is a feast of Japanese flavour. The food range is designed for sharing, with small plates being perfect for sharing around the table, so you get a taste of everything. Think Japanese Tapas! 

Lucky Cat has already opened in Mayfair London, but there's one opening soon in Manchester too. If you have a chance to go to the opening, you will be guaranteed great food as well as tasty cocktails.

The next season of Future Food Stars is on its way. Gordon filmed an episode for the new season in Lucky Cat too, where the contestants get the chance to cook some of the Japanese dishes, and serve Gordon his own food creations… no pressure! So make sure you catch that to get a look into the restaurant as well as the tasty food.  

Along with all this excellent exceptional Japanese food, comes a range of Japanese refreshments. Prepare your tastebuds for all that delicious Asian-inspired cuisine with Chu Lo sour soft drinks!

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