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GAME x Chu Lo

We've been featured on the GAME website, so we thought we would share it here too. 

What is Chu Lo? 

Chu Lo is a Japanese inspired soda. Chu Lo fuses the same freshly squeezed fruit juice and delicious flavours into a alcohol free super sour soda with a unique and tantalising fizzy kick.

What flavours are there to offer? 

  • Peach Sour 
  • Apple Sour 
  • Lemon Sour 
  • Peach Sour 
  • Tropical Sour 

What is the Story?

A message from Steph Buttery, the founder: It all began when I travelled with the British Royal Navy to Tokyo where I tasted the hugely popular alcoholic drink Chuhai. I loved the taste but back in England there was nothing on the market quite like it and shipping the drink from Japan was out of the question. So, I set to work making the drink for myself…. And authentic tasting, alcohol free, sour fruit soft drink.

Is it Good for Gaming?

Chu Lo has a refreshing, sour kick that gives you that perfect buzz for all those late night gaming sessions, without high levels of caffeine that stop you sleeping when you need to. The fun, anime style can designs also give Chu Lo that retro gaming edge!

Where can I buy Chu Lo?

Chu Lo is now available in select GAME stores. Chu Lo is also available directly from their website,,  where you can find additional merchandise, limited edition can packs and more. There is also a Stockist Locator on their website where you can find other locations where Chu Lo is sold. 

So what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t discovered the awesome flavours and refreshing effect of Chu Lo, pop on down to GAME stores and grab yourself a can. 

Be sure to check out the full range of flavours on their website too!


Header image credited to Indivisible Gaming

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