Future Food Stars

Future Food Stars, where are they now?

As many of you know, our founder, Steph, featured on Future Food Stars last year, with Mr Ramsay himself - this was a great opportunity for us to see if we were up to the challenge, and get Chu Lo out there in the world. Overall, Steph did very well, Chu Lo came out in joint second place! It was a great opportunity for Chu Lo to interact with some other amazing start up brands that have the same passion and drive as us. 

Future Food Stars

There is a new season of Future Food Stars coming out this week, which is going to be very exciting to see what they have to offer, but we are wondering how last year's contestants are doing?

So, coming out in first place was Victoria Omobuwajo who owns Sunmo. Sunmo is a snack based brand that packs protein into delicious snacks, in particular plantain crisps, a healthy alternative to normal crisps. Since the show, Sunmo have released several new products including Sunmo protein powder, in the flavours- salted caramel, vanilla latte, chocolate fudge, strawberry shortcake. 

Contestant Valentina Fois, was definitely someone you don’t forget! Her business, Lele’s, has been flourishing since the show! Lele’s is a vegan bakery, but since the show it has turned into a consultancy where Lele’s does recipe development, menu creation, marketing and more… and of course still bakes yummy vegan treats. 

Savages Mussels, by contestant Jamie Savage, has been thriving since Future Food Stars. Savages Mussels is a restaurant based in Maccelsfield serving up an array of mussel type dishes, so if you love mussels make sure to check it out! Jamie even bought out a Mussel Stout recently!

So, all in all, Future Food Stars showcases some amazing talent of new up and coming food and drink businesses that are worth checking out. The new season starts on the 31st March so be sure to tune in, with a refreshing Chu Lo in hand… of course.

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