Chu-lo stock up close

Fresh off the press

They've landed! The first batch of Chu-Lo drinks are here and eager stockists have already received their first order.

Chu-Lo will soon be available to purchase online, but if you can't wait that long to savour that tangy Japanese taste, get on down to Manchester's hip Northern Quarter where several of our stockists are already serving up ice cold Chu-Lo and expertly crafted cocktails with that Chu-Lo twist.

Among them are Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun, Affleck's Palace and FanBoy 3. Chu-Lo's Stephanie Buttery was delighted with the delivery.

"The cans look amazing! It's the first batch of 20,000 and their almost entirely spoken for.

"There's several changes in production which we'll be looking into making will be made on the next batch even better, so Chu-Lo's off to a great start," Stephanie Founder and Creative Director Charles Wythe at Top League Creative, the agency which created the iconic branding and package design had this to say:

"The first batch and basically a prototype of what's to come.

"It's definitely a collectors item because Chu-Lo drinks will do big things!"

At Chu-Lo, we celebrate our drink’s roots by exploring the coolest sub-cultures Japan has on offer to power our creativity and bring that exotic experience to you.

How better to showcase our East-meets-west experience than making our Chu-Lo cans a canvas for gifted street artists the World over?

And we’ve done exactly that…

Our first exciting series of Chu-Lo are brilliantly illustrated with original artwork making these first issues the tastiest must-have items for collectors and drinkers alike. Buy here!

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