Discount for Dry January with Chu Lo

Discount for Dry January with Chu Lo

Dry January, we’re sure you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve even taken part a time or two! But we’re here to help you out this Jan.

Dry Jan Lemon Chu Lo

Dry January is the UK’s one-month alcohol-free challenge. It isn’t about giving anything up, it's about getting something back.

"Getting your fun back, your energy back, your calm back."

That's the statement on the Dry January website, and we couldn’t agree more! So often people have the wrong idea about this time of the year, that it's a kind of self restraint challenge, taking away alcohol from yourself, but it couldn’t be any further from that! It really is about giving yourself something, a break and a fresh perspective after the heavy Christmas period that we all love.

Alcohol Change UK also show some of their stats on the website:

  •  86% of participants save money
  • 70% have marked better sleep
  • 66% noted having more energy

Amazing benefits from one simple change. 

Obviously sometimes it isn't as easy as it sounds, even if there are loads of added benefits. Well not without a little help from your favourite Japanese inspired sour soft drinks!

We’re determined to take this little adventure with you so why not use code “DryJan10” for 10% off your orders this month and try souring up your weekend rather than boozing it up!

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