Sour flavour/ sweets prevent/ stop anxiety

Do Sour Flavours Prevent Anxiety?

Did you know that sour taste relieves anxiety? Want to combat the September Scaries, then why not try eating and drinking some sour flavours to minimise that anxious feeling. We have been doing some research, and its proven that sour flavours can work in this way. We thought we would share with you why this works, and why drinking Chu Lo can help. 

You might have seen this going around the TikTok realms, maybe you're thinking its a myth? Or maybe you're curious to find out more? Well, you have come to the right place, we're going to look at the science behind sour flavours and if they can really work some magic. 

In simple terms, the act of having a sour flavour instantly distracts the brain due to the intensity. It activates the parasympa nervous system, a part of the brain that puts the brakes on an anxiety attack. “ The more harsh the taste- sour, spicy anything in between -the more likely your brain is going to step outside of that anxious thought and more so into your body of what you're tasting” , Ms Pankonin stated. Other string flavours can work, like strong mustarts, hot sauce, salt and vinegar crisps and even sour drinks- like Chu Lo. 

Although this has been proven to work, it obviously doesn't combat the root of the problem, it only works as a short term solution. So, advice is given to use the sour distraction method as a starting point to help if you're struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, but in the meantime try and discover what the long term solution is too. By pairing the two methods it could help you massively, it's worth a try. 

We know this definitely isn't just a TikTok trend, but if you do want to purchase a sour drink, to potentially see if this theory is true for you, head to our shop or buy a bundle on amazon. Let us know if you have any amazing results…   

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