Discover Japanese Gardens in the UK

Discover Japanese Gardens in the UK

Did you know that there are several amazing Japanese Gardens in the UK that are well worth a visit?

They're tranquil places that will make you feel a lot calmer. All are free to enter and you can spend as long as you like there. Often they have water features and pools as well as interesting plants and sometimes Japanese statues. 

The Kyoto Garden in London's Holland Park is a beautiful Japanese horticultural space that was donated to the people of London by the city of Kyoto in 1991. 

The Japanese Garden at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a peaceful and serene garden that features a traditional Japanese tea house, a stone garden, and a bamboo grove.

Cowden Castle Japanese Garden in Clackmannanshire, Scotland is a stunning garden that was created in the early 20th century by a Japanese landscape designer.

The Japanese Garden at The Hermitage in Dunkeld, Scotland is a beautiful and peaceful garden that was designed by a Japanese garden designer and has a traditional tea house, a pond, and a waterfall.

The Japanese Garden at the University of Birmingham is a beautiful and tranquil garden that features a pond, waterfall, and traditional Japanese plantings.

Here are a few examples of Japanese Gardens that anyone is welcome to visit, so go and check them out and try something different. 

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