Citrus Fruit Explosion!

Citrus Fruit Explosion!

We thought we would share with you our trend analysis from this year so you can see where the drinks industry is heading.


Citrus Explosion…. That’s right, there has been a significant rise in citrus flavours being consumed, from lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and other mixed berries. Shop the Chu Lo range to discover our take on citrus explosions.

 Surely Sustainable?... There has been a shift away from glass packaging altogether, as customers are demanding more coinvent and sustainable options. Read last weeks blog here to see what action we are taking to ensure our production and canning is sustainable.

 Ready, Steady, Drink… There has been a massive increase in the amount of people that want ready to drink beverages, without the faff.

 Natural is Best… There has been a shift towards products with more natural components and natural colouring and tend to avoid artificial colours and ingredients. Chu Lo uses natural fruit juices in all flavours which make them have an authentic taste, while keeping it natural. Check out our website for more nutritional information.


Let us know buy tagging or DMing us if you think there are any beverage trends around the corner that are going to take the industry by storm…

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