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Chu Low on Carbon

At Chu Lo we are working very hard to be a sustainable company. In this day and age with the climate crisis surging, we know how important it is for businesses of any size to do their bit for the environment. We are taking action in many ways, and we want to share this with you in this blog. 

Locally Produced:

We are proud to say that Chu Lo is manufactured in the UK. From the ingredient mixing, to canning it is all done in England. This means carbon emissions are reduced massively, due to less shipping and transport needed from Factory to our Stockists.

Aluminium Cans:

Recently Chu Lo have transitioned from plastic wrapped cans to directly printed aluminium cans. This means they are now 100% recyclable. The shape of our cans mean that they save space in the transport, therefore saving carbon emissions. 

B Corp: 

At Chu Lo are long term aim is to become a B Corp certified company. We know what we are doing now isn’t enough, that is why we are aiming to get B Corp certified in the next few years to give us something to work towards. 

Small Business: 

We believe supporting small businesses is a great way to be mindful of our sustainability. We aim to promote small businesses that we find to our community, whether that’s local business or other small companies we find through the wonders of social media. We would love to hear of any small businesses that you guys love!

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