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Chu Lo Team: Laura

We thought it would be great to share with you all who’s behind Chu Lo. So, we’re setting up a blog series to introduce everyone so you can get to know us better!


First up is Laura. Laura has now been with Chu Lo for a year now so we thought this would be a great start.


What is your role at Chu Lo?

My role at Chu Lo is customer service, I process, invoice and ship orders whilst managing their accounts. I also deal with complaints and manage stock


What is your favourite part about working at Chu Lo?

Everyday is different, so coming into the office is always exciting!


Which Chu Lo Sour flavour would you describe yourself as?

Lemon Chu Lo, sweet, sour and refreshing. Has a tough exterior and flavour that adds a bit of sophistication to be sweet or savoury!


What food do you recommend eating with a refreshing Chu Lo?

Sushi… of course

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