Chu Lo Team: Alice

Chu Lo Team: Alice

The Chu Lo Team Chat is back again this week, and we are here with Alice! Alice has been working for Chu Lo for just over a year, but her time at Chu Lo is about to come to an end as she is off on her adventures to travel. Alice started working for Chu Lo whilst completing her degree in Graphic Design, and has got right involved in many aspects of the business. 

Lets get to know Alice a bit better…

What is your role at Chu Lo?

My role at Chu Lo is content creation and marketing, this includes writing weekly blogs, interacting with the community on socials and producing videos on Tiktok. I also have been given lots of flexibility with doing other jobs in the company, which I love as it has broadened my knowledge of business. 

What is your favourite part about working at Chu Lo?

I love being able to share my thoughts and opinions with the team and getting feedback from everyone, it has really helped me grow professionally and personally. It’s also great from a graphic design perspective to see designs come to life in the real world. 

Which Chu Lo Sour flavour would you describe yourself as?

I’m going to go with the limited edition flavour, Yuzu Sour, as I feel like it adds something extra and it has given Chu Lo a helping hand, which I feel my role at Chu Lo has done just that. 

What food do you recommend eating with a refreshing Chu Lo?

Definitely bao buns, in particular sticky pork buns! The sweet dough and filling works perfectly with the sour Chu Lo flavours. 

We are saying goodbye to Alice at the end of this month, as she's off to France for a ski season! But we wish her the best of luck, and we are sure she will be back for more Chu Lo content soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Chu Lo Team Chat, and in the meantime, why not enjoy some ramen at Bone Daddies to try the limited edition Yuzu flavour for this month only… 

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