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Bone Daddies Ultimate Collabs

We’ve mentioned Bone Daddies before, because we are big fans – offering the most authentic Ramen around. Not only does Bone Daddies whip up their classic dishes, they push the boundaries of cheffery and collaborate with some fiery small businesses that need to be seen. Today, we are going to delve into some of their best collabs…

First up is COQFIGHTER. This collab ends next week, so if you're looking for some saucy buffalo ramen, run, don’t walk. Coqfighter began as a night for friends at Troy, Tristan and Deacon’s apartment in South London, when they were looking for some high quality fried chicken that they felt London didn’t have to offer. Now, Coqufighter spans 5 bustling restaurants across London, as well as takeaways. The Bone Daddies x Coqfighter collab ends 30th April, so be sure to head there and taste the ultimate Buffalo Ramen for yourself. 

Next is TWO HOT ASIANS. This collab took place in September, and offered a fiery Mala Hotpot Ramen, with fried tempura prawns. Two Hot Asians is a hot sauce brand, created by Ana Da Costa and Emily Yeoh, born out of conversations between two friends reminiscing about the food they would eat growing up and the wonderful homemade sauces that their respective parents would make. So if you missed out on their Bone Daddies Ramen, make sure to check out their two kicking sauces available on their shop.

Another juicy Collab with JUICI JERK. Throughout August last year Bone Daddies x Juici Jerk created the hottest cold Ramen of the summer, with the Chill Jerk Ramen. Juici Jerk, was created by the brother duo, Troy and Jarrell. Their culinary creations are inspired by their Caribbean and British background, to create a new age of Caribbean cuisine. Be sure to check them out. 

And last but not least, DEYA. Of course, you have to have a crisp hazy beer with your delicious ramen. So, no surprise, Bone Daddies teamed up with Deya, an independent beer company based in the UK, striving to make world class beer. Bone Daddies worked with Deya to create a unique beer profile, name and can design to release into all branches of their restaurant. Not only does it look good, it tastes good too. So if you are visiting Bone Daddies, make sure to give it a try- and look out for their exclusive merch!

So, that's all folks. We hope you enjoyed that round up of some really great independent businesses that are worth checking out. And, keep your eyes peeled for a Bone Daddies x Chu Lo collaboration….

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